Back to Basics: Easy Steps to a Sexy Back

BY Ginger Ressler

When moving through your workout, it’s easy to forget about the parts of your body that you can’t see, such as your back. And while strong, well-defined back muscles look sexy, especially in an open back top, they also help you to achieve good posture and can protect against pain and injury over the course of your life. READ MORE >

4 Tips to Get you on Track for Your Next Marathon

BY Blog Team

The Fabletics Track Stars are just a few weeks away from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 19. Larry Track, owner of Track Fitness, who help create the group and helps women at his gym achieve their fitness goals, has been supporting the Track Stars, inspiring them to stay fit and lead healthy lifestyles as they work towards completing their marathon. READ MORE >

A Note From Kate: On the Run

BY Kate Hudson

Right now, I’m really into dance-based workouts, but there’s no denying the power of a great run. For a while, I was running almost every day, and found that the more I ran, the more I enjoyed it. I started to experience what’s called a “runner’s high,” which would always kick in after the first mile. READ MORE >