What better way to get your body moving than with a dance workout led by the best!

Dancing is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to get your body moving. Whether you’re good at it or not, it tends to use all the muscles in your body and it never fails to make you laugh, which makes it effective and engaging—unlike those HIIT workouts that usually get boring after a couple of reps. No matter what your goal is—whether it’s to take your TikTok dances to the next level or to workout with friends via Zoom—Team 3XT co-founders Ferly Prado and Alexandria Kaye’s 20-minute, full-body workout will have you moving and grooving and leaving you to want to try it again!

First thing you should know: Team 3XT’s videos are THE BEST because they offer a huge variety of workouts that vary in intensity and style, meaning there’s something for everyone. They have everything from dance workouts, high-intensity interval training, bodyweight training, targeted muscle group workouts (think abs, booty, arms, back), and even recovery workouts to make sure you’re taking care of your muscles as you’re moving. They’ve got it all, which means you’re in great hands!

If you’re intimidated by dance at first, don’t worry! Team 3XT also does a great job of breaking down this 20-minute workout step by step so you’re learning form and technique along the way.

The workout starts off with Ferly taking us through a warm-up which she calls “isolation” because it focuses on individual parts of your body! Warm-ups are extremely important, no matter what workout you choose to do, because warming up our bodies revs up our cardiovascular system and increases blood flow to our muscles, which reduces muscle soreness and the risk of injury. In other words, do not skip this step! Then, Alexandria takes us through the heart of the video: the signature dance workout. This workout out is so fun, we promise you’ll forget you’re even working out! Trust us, we did it ourselves!

Another great thing about this workout is that it doesn’t require equipment—just your body and a positive attitude!—so you can do this just about anywhere! (We suggest setting up a Zoom meeting with your friends to do it together to reach ultimate fun levels.)

And don’t forget—the main goal of this workout is to get your body moving in a FUN way! So, follow along at your own pace and take a break whenever you need it. This is your time and your workout—you make the rules.

Now press play and start dancing!