3 Steps to Take You from Work to Workout


Fitting in a daily workout or class around your work schedule can be challenging, particularly if you’re working a standard 9 to 5 desk job.  If you’re not an early riser (and believe us, we understand) the best time to fit in a work out session is right after work – before the tasks of the evening take over and steal your momentum.  It’s the perfect time to de-stress and burn off those calories, but getting to the gym and switching gears from computers to crunches can be a challenge in itself.

Whenever we need extra motivation, we turn to fashion to help us pull through.  That’s why we’ve developed an easy way to take your look from work to workout in just 3 easy steps!

1.  Layer a sports bra under your work top, so you really don’t have to change at all!  Our Seamless Vaasa Sports bra is so comfortable; you can easily wear it all day!  Just throw off your button-up blouse and maybe add one of our Leon Tanks over to give you extra coverage.

2.  Keep a hair elastic in your purse so you can quickly pull your locks into a high ponytail.  Don’t pull your hair all the way through the last twist to create a fun, messy bun.

3. Finally switch out your tailored trousers for a pair of our Lima Capri’s and you’re ready to go!  Or wear them as leggings on cooler days under a skirt or dress for an even faster fix!

Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the gym and workin’ it with the best of them!