A Note From Kate: Just Put On The Clothes


I wanted to share a personal tip with you guys that I think speaks to an issue we all deal with when it comes to exercising:  Motivation. How do you motivate yourself to do a workout and/or get into a workout routine?

Here’s what I think. I think motivation is a lot less about the pep talk you try and give yourself in the morning when your alarm goes off and all you want to do is hit snooze another 4 times in a row. We’ve all been there. For me, I think a lot of the motivation you need comes from the simple act of putting on your workout clothes!

I always think of exercising — or at least the enjoyment of working out — as a kind of state of mind. If you think about it, working out is as much a physical act as it is a mental one. We have to be able to tell ourselves that we can keep going, that we can push through the burn! And for me, once I’m able to switch from jeans to leggings, from a blouse to sports bra…I mean, hey, that’s a huge chunk of the battle right there. Just having the clothes on my body is enough to tell my mind that we are halfway out the door and on our way to a good sweat!

Seriously, if you’re trying to “motivate” yourself, who cares how far you run? Maybe just lace up your shoes and do one lap around the block. The next day, put your clothes back on and do two laps. It really isn’t about how much you’re going to push yourself, or how far you’re going to go. It IS hard not to pressure yourself.

For me, it’s about getting to a place where my mind and my body are sort of in sync…where one leads and the other just follows. That’s what I mean when I say state of mind. And for me, that’s all triggered as soon as I put my clothes on.