I remember about a year ago when my whole family was over at my house. Both of my sons and all my nieces and nephews were all together in my bedroom. The kids were being completely crazy and there was definitely no sign of me being able to leave for a workout. So what did I do? I put in a Zumba tape. There I was, a grown woman bouncing and dancing around with a group of toddlers. But it was an absolute blast and one of my very favorite memories.

Every time I tell that story it brings me back to something I think every woman questions at one time or another and that is, “How do I get time for myself?…Where is the ‘me’ time?” Any mother, any woman who works, knows that this can seem like a really daunting question because the reality is that moments of alone time are often few and far between. And the truth is that you have to listen to what you need at the same time that you’re listening to what your family needs.  Sure, sometimes we get a couple hours to ourselves.

But sometimes we only get 10 minutes and that’s why it’s so important to find a way to blend your family with your exercise. In my opinion, the best investment you can ever make is something that contains your child. Case in point: The Zumba tape. Was it a serious, hardcore workout? No. But it did get my heart rate going and I got to spend time with my family while doing it.

In that same spirit I also think there’s always a great opportunity to engage in group workouts. There’s a reason people have “workout buddies” and bring their friends along for a workout. Anytime I bring a girlfriend along for a run, I love the feeling of knowing someone I’m close to is right there next to me, pushing through the same pains! Friends encourage you and they inspire you. And you work harder because of it.  So invite your friends to gym classes. Bring someone along for a run. Find someone to Zumba with you. Sometimes having that support makes all the difference.

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