Welcome the Expert: Nicole Stuart


Truth: Sometimes you really just have to put the gym on time-out and head outside. In fact, going outdoors to exercise is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is cooperative (thank you Southern California for giving me this opportunity so often). Jogging, tennis, yoga  – I don’t think there’s a better feeling than being able to get out of the house or office and connect with nature while you’re doing something so good for your body. Hands down, though, one of my favorite things to do outdoors is Pilates.

Usually combined with a run or yoga, Pilates outdoors is the absolute best way to get fit physically and mentally. And that’s where Nicole Stuart comes in.

Nicole is a member of the Fabletics Advisory Board, a group of fitness experts who’ve joined the Fabletics team to provide all kinds of feedback and fitness tips for us all to take advantage of. Nicole has been a master Pilates trainer forever – she’s an absolute rock star – and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with her for almost 15 of those years! She continues to kick my butt on a regular basis (something she says every good Pilates class should do) and I credit her for helping me to get where I am now, both pre and post babies. Nicole stresses the importance of stretching to strengthen your body, something a lot of people forget to do when working out.

You’ll be hearing about Nicole a lot in the future but, for now, I strongly suggest you head over to the website and check out what she has to say!