Tone Up Thursday: Yoga Inversions


This week we’re getting into my favorite part about Yoga: going upside down. There is not a day that goes by where I do not get a chance to get that rush of blood to my head.  For me, if I do not get the chance to take a class or hit the gym, the best time to practice inversions is in my home.  I am notorious for using my furniture as my bases, and because I practice at home, I noticeably can tell the difference in my practice.

I would not suggest to practice at home if you are a beginner, especially if you have not had the proper training on how to fall, or if you are just not comfortable with it.

These 5 poses are progressions, and they take time to master.  With the proper arm and core strengthening practices you can achieve these inversions.  Remember, inversions may sometime come with a little bit of fear, but once you overcome those fears, the results will become infinite.

Yoga Inversions