What Moves You | Fabletics Grant Awardees


This past October, Fabletics launched the “What Moves You Grant, to give away a total of $20,000 in grants to four deserving projects. Our mission was to find women dedicated to improving health and wellness in their communities. We were overwhelmed with the response! During our open submission period, we received hundreds of inspiring applications.  It was impossible to choose the 8 finalists, and an even more difficult feat to choose the 4 recipients.

Fabletics Co-founder, Kate Hudson, and the Fabletics staff are proud to announce that the 2013 What Moves You Grant awardees are:

  • Amy Merritt – Optimistic Kids EnergiZing, Georgetown, SC
  • Constance Anderson – Tiger Fit Club, Spring Hill, FL
  • Michelle Weber – Weber Ranch, Perrysburg, OH
  • Sandrine Harris – Kinesoma, Lakeville, CT

Read more about our four awardees and their plans for creating positive change in their community.


Awardee: Amy Merritt

Amy Merritt


Project Name: Optimistic Kids EnergiZing

Project Mission: To bring forth a healthier community and future for children by instilling the importance and knowledge of keeping their bodies healthy.

The $5000 grant will help them: Benefit as many children as possible in the community so they they will learn that a balanced diet and being physically active helps them to grow properly, learn and excel in school, build strong bones and muscles, have energy and maintain healthy weight.

See Entry: http://bit.ly/1i9cED5


Awardee: Constance Anderson

Project Name: Tiger Fit Club

Project Mission: To inspire young girls that there is fitness beyond sports and P.E class.

The $5000 grant will help them: Continue to grow as a club, eventually have their own fitness room, and develop a strong program for the girls to look forward to next year.

See Entry: http://bit.ly/1ho6vIa


Awardee: Michelle Weber

Amy Weber

Project Name: Weber Ranch

Project Mission: To create an educational program that will enlighten students to think about what they are eating and decide to make healthier choices with their food, along with promoting our ranch and eating locally.

The $5000 grant will help them: Create a small program to tour surrounding elementary schools and talk about eating healthy and where our food comes from.

See Entry: http://bit.ly/1gpRCDK


Awardee: Sandrine Harris


Project Name: Kinesoma

Project Mission: To create 12 workshops in 12 months, open to all adults, that will focus on whole body wellness.  The program will not focus on exercise, but lifestyle. 

The $5000 grant will help them: Engage with a rural community to create a journey of wellness and to give each participant the chance to plan ahead, focus, create goals and move forward with them, with the support from other community members.

See Entry: http://bit.ly/1eqNRgB

Fabletics will be following these amazing grantees and will be sharing updates from them on our blog.