A note from kate: Holiday Gifting


Handmade gifts for the holidays have always been at the top of my gifting list. For me personally, nothing is more special then receiving something that someone has put some hours into. From a handmade card to knitted sweaters, I always try to choose something I can make with my two hands!

This year I tried something new. I am making cloth candy canes, cloth stars and cloth Christmas trees. I bought some fun fabrics, cut them into these shapes, sew them together and stuff a bunch of pillow stuffing inside and there you have it! A little piece of Christmas for someone to take out year after year.

I like doing crafty things with my boys too  and we have traditions that are simple, fun and don’t demand too much focus because my boys last about ten minutes before they’re outside playing football. Making dough ornaments with the kids is a blast.

We make a simple dough of flour and water. We shape it into anything we want. Put in the oven. Go outside play football and when they are done hardening and cooled down, we paint them and hang them on the tree.