Debunking Workout Myths


Fat is bad for you.

This is an old school approach for nutrition. Fat is full of nutrients, oils and helps our body use vitamins…and ladies, fat are great for our skin too. Should you just inhale date and forget about vegetables and proteins, no, but obsessing over fat in avocado, olive/coconut oil is a waste of time. Fat can help us stay satiated and energized throughout the day.

Lifting weights will make you bulky.

False. Eating cupcakes, taking in more sugar than dark green vegetables and good fats will make you bulky. I can speak from personal experience here that I used to be a cardio queen and cringe at lifting heavy weights but not with a PR of a 200lb deadlift and being about to do pull ups I can say with certainly lifting heavy weights does not make you bulky. But now does this mean this is ALL you should do…no…cardio is still a fantastic complement to your program as is yoga and or functional and corrective movement exercises. Eat big, get big. Lift weights ladies; it keeps everything high and tight!

Spot Reduction is A Good Way to Train

Not so much…Can you slim down in your mid section? Yes. Do you do this by just doing planks? No.  Spot reduction is just not a smart way to train anymore. Your body is made up of fascia and that blankets all of our muscles so essentially we are one big piece and thinking we can just piece by piece lean out one part of the body, well that just is not the case. Proper nutrition, rest, cardio, resistance training, flexibility and core strength work are all components to creating an ideal fitness program that will aid in weight loss and or a desired figure. Be open-minded to fitness and think of it as a lifestyle…this helps a lot.

There is a One Size Fits All Model for Fitness Programming

Sad but not true. What works well for one will not always work well with someone else? Every body is different. Our metabolisms, or reactions to foods and movement patterns are all different (and that is a good thing…it is what makes us unique) But that is hard to digest as we all want that one simple plan to help us get to our goal and that just is not the reality. Taking an individualizes fitness approach to your own journey is what will help you get to where you want to go and keep you sane in the process instead of constantly comparing yourself to someone else. That just is not healthy or fair to you. We are all beautiful in our own skin and we all have a unique path to walk.

You have to Workout all the time to see results.

Stop, please do not over exercise! This is an endemic in our industry. Rest is imperative to your body. Sleep is also incredibly important to a well-balanced fitness program. We release growth hormones in sleep that help restore our muscles and recalibrate our systems if you will. Over exercising will actually produce the opposite effect that you want it to…trust me, I have learned from experience. But that does not mean sitting on the couch is a better option that taking a walk to grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, it just means working out 7 days a week for 1 hour – 2 hours a day just is not ideal for your bodies…you deserve a break, and so do your muscles.

Angela Leigh became a general manager at Equinox Fitness Clubs and started taking all the classes she possibly could. She soon fell in love with yoga and decided to become certified to teach it. Three years later, Angela is doing exactly what she wanted to do: teaching yoga, cycling and high-intensity cardio classes at Equinox.

2 Responses
  • arenee01
    January 8, 2014

    Did anyone proofread this?  The first two paragraphs are almost unintelligible.

  • Fit for the Soul
    January 13, 2014

    Great points!  I think the over-exercising one is probably the hardest one next to eating clean for the majority of people.