Holidays, New Years, and Resolutions


Inevitably, this time of year brings a renewed sense of vigor to our fitness goals and aspirations, which is absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself.

Setting goals is essential in your achievement and growth, but what I hate about these goals and resolutions, is how damaging they can be to begin with.

“Ugh, I just hate my body.” – “I need to lose 15 lbs in 30 days!” –  “I can’t believe I let myself eat all that over Christmas, my diet starts tomorrow!”

Even the messaging in the industry today can be damaging. “New Year, New You!” is something we hear all the time. I always stop and think, well, what’s so wrong with me now. But weren’t we talking about fitness goals, you have to make changes don’t you? I know, let me explain.

Whether in fitness or in daily life, when we start out on a goal with a feeling of digest, anger, or regret, how far do you think we’re actually going to get? Now what if we approached those goals from a place of love, acceptance, and understanding in the fact that we are all unique. Often times these unattainable goals we impose on ourselves have nothing to do with us, but rather the imaging and programming of beauty and weight in our modern society. Of course, health is the number one factor here, and as a trainer I want fitness to be a part of your life to make sure you are healthy and strong. I do not however, believe healthy and strong does not look the same for everyone, and I especially do not believe it means you need to be a size 4.

To finally become the person one strives to be, we must first accept who we already are. I struggled with my own image for years. In the fitness industry, male trainers are twice my size and pillars of masculine proportions. I am leaner, smaller, and to be honest, build more like my female counterparts. For years, I would go to extreme lengths to try and gain weight and look the way I thought I was supposed to. No matter what i did, nothing would change, all I saw was a scrawny toothpick in the mirror. It wasn’t until I finally embraced my uniqueness and stopped thinking of myself as the black sheep with tiny biceps, that I was able to grow biceps at all.

Your body is like a new born child. It needs love, nourishment, and attention. Just like a baby, if we were to neglect it, it wouldn’t do so well. You can’t yell and scream at a baby, the same way you can’t do that to your body. This New Year, there is no need for a “new you,” because the one you have is pretty awesome. You just gotta give it a lot of love, some attention, do your best, and watch it grow.

Fabletics Master – Jason Wimberly

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