A note from Kate: The 5-year plan


I often feel like my goals are endless. I watch my mother’s generation, and she and her friends are still constantly setting new goals for themselves. Personally, I believe in a five-year plan. With a five-year plan, your goals are actually attainable because you’re giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them. I always write my goals out – there’s something really nice about putting pen to paper and writing them down because once you’re done, they really sit in your brain.

Start with where you want to be in five years and work backwards. Do it with all aspects of your life, whether it’s health, fitness, personal, business, travel, or parenting. You can even do it with your home – it’s so important that the space you live in feels good to you – that’s where it started with me. From there, I started doing it for the bigger picture. Many of my goals today revolve around travel. Because our family travels a lot with the kids, our vacations are usually pretty leisurely.

In five years, I want to have at least climbed a mountain in the wilderness somewhere. That’s something that I have to make happen.

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  • annettes
    January 15, 2014

    Love your clothes…but why is everything sold out?

  • Carolyn Mother of 5
    January 15, 2014

    I am working on losing at least 25 ponds. I am a stay at home mother and only have 2 children @ home. They are 13 and 14.  I am married to a music Teacher @ Rio Mesa High in Oxnard. I am always around children and helping them to achieve their dreams.  I so love to cook and make quilts. I have just ordered my first out fit of Kate Hudson’s. They look so  comfortable to work out in. I sometime lose my place when it come to my self. I take my children every where they need to be for Basketball and band and Volleyball . I am going to try your 5 year plane . I need to get a chart and star making my self fallow. I so get side track with every one else need and for get about my own. I think I have an ok body but would like to say I love my amazing body and I am not there yet. I found out that the sand @ the beach can be a work out all on its own..lol.. So part of my 5 year plane will be to go to the beach here in Ventura at least 2 days a week. I also need to set my meals on a chart to make sure I eat right and I do not at this moment. I want my daughter to be a part of this plane as well. She is over weight at this time but not to bad. I am a parent need to set a better example for her. I think if she see me working out and sticking to my plane she will fallow, I am sure of it. Today was the very first day I read about Kate work out and really like them and will be putting them to use. I cant go to the gym at this time because my founds are a little to little to spend on my self. I do have a work out bike and a trade mill  but cant seem to make my self stick to working out on them. I think it is because It is only..LOL… But today is the first day of my life I will be making the change. I will take picture of me step by step using Kate Hudson work out. It is a fact I have gained weight while living in California. I had a farm in  Westfield Indy and that took a lot of work. Now I sometime don’t know what to do with all my time and I do have free time in the morning to work out. I will just have to push my self. So here I go..lol.. My very first day, in changing my way of life. I pray I will do  and stick to Kate work out. I also cant wait to get my new amazing work out clothing. I know I can and I think I can..lol… Ok best wish to me. i also need to play my baby grand every morning.  Ok working out lated tonight after dinner. I have basket ball game for my son. On second thought I had better keep reading and Start first thing in the morning. Peace and Joy best of luck to all. Carolyn,   
    Thank you Kate.

  • Carolyn Mother of 5
    January 15, 2014

    Where words Fail Music Speak’s,