A note from Kate: The 5-year plan


I often feel like my goals are endless. I watch my mother’s generation, and she and her friends are still constantly setting new goals for themselves. Personally, I believe in a five-year plan. With a five-year plan, your goals are actually attainable because you’re giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them. I always write my goals out – there’s something really nice about putting pen to paper and writing them down because once you’re done, they really sit in your brain.

Start with where you want to be in five years and work backwards. Do it with all aspects of your life, whether it’s health, fitness, personal, business, travel, or parenting. You can even do it with your home – it’s so important that the space you live in feels good to you – that’s where it started with me. From there, I started doing it for the bigger picture. Many of my goals today revolve around travel. Because our family travels a lot with the kids, our vacations are usually pretty leisurely.

In five years, I want to have at least climbed a mountain in the wilderness somewhere. That’s something that I have to make happen.