A Note from Kate: Getting Inspired


I get inspired by women who have lived, women who have real wisdom and use that wisdom to become mentors. It is very important to have people to look up to. I’m very lucky to have a really positive example of that in my mother. I think women who have lived longer and who have done a lot and seen a lot are always people who inspire my inquisitive nature. I always want to know how they balance their lives, how they stay active, and how they stay exuberant.

When you start to look metaphorically and philosophically at the New Year, it’s a time of closure and rebirth. The older we get, the closer we are to mortality, so we embrace that and live life understanding the natural cycle of it. The new year is a metaphor for the cycle of life. We have to let go of things to rebuild them and see them blossom again, and you really can take that into any aspect of your life. If we’re talking fitness or health goals like old habits or patterns, the new year is a great time to set those things in motion.