A Note From Kate: The Dancer’s Body


You’ve all seen it. The dancer’s body. The long, lean, strong physique that makes a woman extra graceful in all that they do. There are so many new dance/movement-based exercises that are growing in popularity. Girls are getting off the treadmills and getting moving everywhere I look and I LOVE it. In dance, you literally get to jump around and move your hips and express yourself in a completely different way than usual, which is just so much fun and definitely achieves a high-impact workout.

For me, dance is the most important part of my fitness routine – it tones, lengthens and strengthens. Sometimes I’ll put on my favorite album and just dance around for 30 minutes by myself or with my girlfriends and my kids. When I finish, I have this feeling of overwhelming happiness because I just feel so good physically and emotionally. And in my opinion, any workout that can do good for your body and your mind is a win-win.