A Note from Kate: My Favorite February Holidays


Our family loves to celebrate! To start, because we’re such a big football family, the Super Bowl is HUGE for us. I’m super excited because this year we might go to the game – talk about being part of the action! I love the Pats and I’ve always been a huge Peyton Manning fan, but this year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Broncos, since that’s my home team. We usually have a big Super Bowl party and I make a hot artichoke dip and these amazingly tasty tacos. One year, I brined a fried chicken for three days to prep…it was insane! And I encourage you to do the same because, for a day like this, you just have to eat it all up.

Then, of course, there’s Valentine’s Day, which is always the loveliest holiday. I always get the loves of my life (my children) something to wake up to, like a teddy bear or chocolate. And then in the romance department I prefer to leave Valentine’s Day up to my man. It’s a day all about making your loved ones feel special. What’s not to love about that?