Tone up Tuesday: Handstand Edition


Being upside down is one of my favorite past times.  It is pretty addicting and I can’t help but challenge myself each time to see how long I can hold it for.  Everyone always asks me,  how do you do it?  And I’m here to help guide you through some crucial steps before conquering a handstand.



1. Get used to being on your hands.  If you don’t like being in a push up position or plank, you should start now.  There is a lot of pressure that goes into your wrists when you are upside down.

  • When you are in a plank or push up position, rock back and forth.  Go onto the ball of your foot, almost onto your toes, leaning your shoulders over, and go backwards towards a downward dog position.  Do this 10 times.

2.  Go into A-frame or downward dog and lift one leg up.  Keep that leg up, and pulse it into the air 10 times.  After you pulse 10 times, lower down to the ground and lift into the air as fast as you can.  Keep your body controlled.

  • Make sure you do this on both legs.  You will be able to tell which leg is your power leg.  This leg drives you into a handstand.  It literally, kicks your entire body into the air, helping you get into a handstand.

3.  Go into downward dog, feet closest to the wall.  Walk one foot onto the wall and slowly meet the other foot.  If you can’t go up any higher than your first step, hold this position for 10 seconds.  Repeat three times.

  • Before you start kicking into a handstand, you have to understand what it feels like without your feet on the ground.  Walking your feet up the wall will let you know your current strength, and what it feels like to be on your hands!

4.  Find a cushion and place it in front of you.  Start in downward dog and kick your leg up into the air, keeping both your legs in a split. Land with one foot on the ground and repeat.

  • By keeping both your legs in a split, you will always be prepared to land.  The cushion in front of you is there just in case you go for the gold and kick into a handstand.  Falling out is a different story.  The cushion is there to catch your fall, and to prevent you from being scared to try again.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

  • Now that you’ve gone upside down, walk your feet up the wall again.  How far did you go this time?  I think you’ll surprise yourself!

Try these steps at home and continue repeating until you find yourself holding a handstand.  Once you find yourself holding the position, we’ll take it the next level, one arm. 😉