7 Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Sick This Season

  • At the very first sign or symptom of a cold such as a scratchy throat, a headache that pounds, body aches, sneezing or a small cough ELIMINATE ALCOHOL. I know that many people do not want to hear this because alcohol or a glass of wine or just one drink is how many of us decompress from a long day at work. It’s how we relax. Last night instead of drinking a glass of wine I opted for a peppermint oil bath and Sleepytime tea with echinachea. I notice that my symptoms worsen the very next day even with ONE glass of wine or beer.

WHY IS THIS? Because the immune system is already working hard at fighting off a cold. If you throw alcohol at it also, it becomes a toxic overload and the body succumbs to the cold. This equation is the same for sugar, dairy, lack of sleep, stress and intense exercise.

  • ELIMINATE SUGAR Sugar strips the body of its mineral deposits. When we are deficient in vitamins or minerals, our immune system weakens. When we are lacking minerals, the body cannot work the way it is supposed to. (This is why people get sick after Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Easter — too much sugar)
  • ELIMINATE DAIRY The first signs of a cold are associated with inflammation and mucus. The immune system’s first line of defense are inflammation and mucus. Dairy happens to cause both of these, so…………
  • LACK OF SLEEP Our bodies regenerate when we sleep. If our bodies are unable to restore themselves AND are trying to fight a cold at the same time, the cold will win. Sleep is also the best thing you can do to help speed up recovery from a cold. I recently starting using an app called Sleep Time which tell you when to go to sleep or wake up based on completing your sleep cycles. I woke up so AWAKE this morning I didn’t even want black tea.
  • STRESS also creates inflammation in the body. Too much inflammation (also from foods that your body does not like) and you will have a toxic overload. Stress on the body whether it is mental, emotional or physical will be an overload. Add a cold in and the cold wins.
  • INTENSE EXERCISE Often times when we are feeling weak we want to work out to feel better about ourselves. If our body is fighting a cold, however, this is not the best time to also go hard at the gym or on a run. It will be pushing your body past what it can deal with if it is also trying to fight a cold.
  • STAY HYDRATED Yes, we all know this, but the body tries to rid itself of a cold by taking water out of the body to get rid of the toxins of the cold so drink lots of water, preferably with LEMON in it because lemon is an electrolyte, contains vitamin C and is an antioxidant.

I think you get the picture. You need to be extra healthy to ward off a cold.Your body will thank you!

Mindy Berla currently specializes in nutritional weight loss, digestive issues, back and knee pain and teaches both prenatal and springboard Pilates. To stay fit, Mindy’s workouts consist of heavy and isolated strength and interval training, but she also enjoys running and practicing yoga a few times each month.

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