The first of many B FIT FAB Events


B fit Los Angeles’ inaugural event w me as a Fabletics Master Trainer on Sunday, February 23rd, was a fantastic success and a great way to start 2014! Pulling Los Angeleno’s away from prime brunch time is never an easy task but we managed get it done with over 30 people in attendance. It does help that winter in LA always equates to a sun-shiny day.


Sporting my Fabletics outfit let everyone know that we were going to train hard! Our group was a mix of B fit Los Angeles regulars and newcomers so I was excited to throw in some new routines…just to throw off the regulars. Partnering everyone before the workout ensured that everyone would hold each other accountable. And, it’s a great way to get total strangers to bond with and motivate each other while they sweat through the tough exercise ahead.

Child's pose

As always, I started the exercise in Child’s Pose. This allowed everyone a moment to connect with their breath. Then, I asked everyone to set an intention, a mantra that will get them through the more difficult parts of the session. A popular one that morning was “Bikini Body!”


We did a dynamic warm-up with a Downward Dog then plank movement. My regulars knew this one all too well. So, my new twist was a step forward while in plank. A hundred of these got everybody’s heart rates up and ready for the heart of the workout. It was a blur of push-ups, plank crawls, partner hand slaps, lunges, and everyone’s favorite – burpees! I love seeing people go beyond what they believe is possible. And the expressions of disbelief on everyone’s faces when they realize how much they can accomplish in just 30 minutes!

Los Angeles

Once everyone realized it was over, I let them know we had ice-cold, Hydra Blue water there to get them rehydrated. Everyone settled onto their yoga mats with water in hand and took in the fresh air and sunshine. I used that moment as an opportunity to surprise them with Fabletics gift bags! With their swag bags set in front of them, they rummaged through to find their well-earned treats. Fabletics generously provided each person with a stylish water bottle and headband. EarthBar gave all attendees a 3-month supply of Fish Oil capsules to maintain strong and healthy hearts for the next session. Paleta was another sponsor that provided a bag of savory nuts and protein bar. They also brought their signature, cold-pressed juices for everyone to enjoy while they cooled down. And, because STI included Beasties (aka spikey balls) for everyone, I was able to show everybody how to give themselves a much needed self-myofascial release.

Fabletics Gift Bag

It was a perfect day! I am so grateful to everyone that came. Staying healthy and active is never an easy task. Yet, it was clear that everyone there felt as I do – it’s a lifestyle worth the effort! With the help of Fabletics, EarthBar, Hydra Blue, STI, and Paleta, B fit Los Angeles was able to set the bar high for all future events!

Fabletics Master Bryna


Bryna Carracino became a certified personal trainer and created B Fit in 2006. B Fit is a group fitness class that gives every student a personal training experience and helps them discover their own inner and outer physical power.

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  • MistyClemmer
    March 11, 2014

    Is there a chance for a future event in Dallas, Texas? I would love to join in!