5 Quick Tips to Freshen Up After A Workout


Life is busy.  Don’t use that as an excuse not to get your sweat on! So you only have time for a gym session in-between appointments , running errands, or on your lunch break? Great! Of course we don’t want to go around sweaty all day, and I’m sure the people we come in contact with after the workout would agree. Let’s take a look at 5 quick tips to freshen up after a workout

  1. Wipes – They aren’t just for babies! You can use actual baby wipes or upgrade to the adult version, Action Wipes. This wipes off the sweat and stink so you don’t have to worry about it
  2. Use Dry Shampoo – This helps get the oil out of your hair and makes it look clean without having to shower!
  3. Headbands– When your hair is a sweaty mess and you don’t know what to do with it, put a headband in it! It can be in a ponytail or in that messy chic look, adding a headband just makes it look pulled together and hides the sweat!
  4. Brush your teeth or chew minty gum – It will help you feel more freshened up, not to mention mint helps cool your body temperature!
  5. Wear cute workout gear that can go from sweat to street – Check out some of the awesome outfits that Fabletics put together to help you look composed even after pounding out a good sweat session

It may not be as good as a shower, but it will get you darn close! Follow these 5 steps and the only way people will notice you worked out is by the results you start to see!

Courtney Norman began her health journey at 240lbs and lost nearly 30lbs by running and counting calories. Although running gave her a feeling of accomplishment, Courtney eventually got bored and tried a CrossFit class. She instantly fell in love with how strong and challenged she felt during and after each workout and opened CrossFit 70, a gym she co-owns with her husband in Wentzville, MO.