No gym required: The outdoor workout plan


Squeezing in a cardio sesh can become mundane on a treadmill, so why not trade the gym for the great outdoors?  We’ve created a workout that will get your heart pumping and fresh air breathing right into your lungs.  Whether you have the beach to workout with or a big open space, this workout will get you summer ready in no time.   

Here is how it works: Perform this entire circuit at 1 minute each exercise, for a total of 3 rounds.

1. Since this is your first round, start with a light jog for the first 30 seconds. Run

2.  Once you start to feel your muscles warm up, sprint for 20 seconds and cool down for the last 10.


3.  Find stairs, a bench or a rock to mimic box jumps.  Do this for the entire 1 minute.

  • Start with your feet firmly placed on the ground, hips distance and parallel. 

Box Jump

  • Using your momentum, explode off the ground and jump as high as you can.


  • Softly land with slight bent knees and explode back down to starting position.  Repeat.


 4. Using the same rock or bench, place your hands firmly on the rock and walk your feet out.  


  • Squeeze your glutes, inner thighs and lower down to a push up position.  Elbows are tight into your body. 

push up

  • Lower your chest all the way down, and explode back to starting position.  Repeat for 1 minute.  

Push up

After you have completed this circuit, repeat each exercise 2 times. 

Once your done, make sure to stretch!


And once you stretch, you can admire the gorgeous outdoors, and reflect about the great workout you accomplished, without the gym!


Alyssa is wearing the Sevan Sports Bra in Aqua and Salar leggings in black.

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  • bethanimalprint
    March 19, 2014

    This is an awesome workout! I love anything that gets me outdoors while being active especially when the weather is getting so lovely! This  sports bra is going to help eliminate tan lines too which is a huge plus!