Juggling Fitness with Family


I’ve spent most of my existence on my head, in handstands, dancing and flying through the air. Four years ago, I added 3 little ones and one big kid to the mix.  The big kid referring to my husband, Joel, and the little ones consisting of my 3 awesome step kids, Tatum, Tanner and Chase.  Five months ago, we welcomed our bundle of bliss to the family, baby Ella May.

Right before I met my husband, I was at the top of my fitness career, just winning Ms. Fitness Hawaiian Islands, being recognized as LA’s top trainer by The LA Times, training clients around the world, being featured in magazines and fitness videos.  I had no idea my life was going to change so much!  Taking on 3 young kids, working, getting married and having a baby within 4 years has really opened my eyes to a whole new lifestyle!

The best part of life is sharing it with your family. I am so blessed to have such an incredible one! Above all, being a proud Mom has been one of my greatest achievements. I strive to set a good example for them, introducing them to fun, active things. As an acrobat and gymnast growing up, I love teaching them skills that require strength, flexibility and trust! It’s fun seeing them achieve their goals and doing fun tricks! Finding time to work out is sometimes hard to do, so you may as well do it together!

Amber Lyftogt was recognized as Top Trainer by the LA Times and was Ms. Fitness Hawaiian Islands in 2008! Her favorite way to stay motivated to find classes that remind her of the things she loved as a kid- She mixes up her workouts by visiting open gyms, practicing basic gymnastics, and attending challenging boot camps.

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  • bethanimalprint
    March 19, 2014

    I couldn’t agree more that being a proud Mom has been one of my greatest achievements! It is tough to balance being a mom, blogger and having a day job with health and fitness, but it must be done because working out makes me a happier mom and wife! Would love to read more about how she does it in her own time if that’s something she makes time for!