5 Easy Ways To Make Better Nutrition Choices


As I sit here at the coffee shop being tortured by all of the goodies behind the counter and on the menu – including the chocolate-covered almonds and dried, sugar-laden fruit, I take a bite of my apple and I know I’m making the better choice…right? Right? Yes, I am right. I know it can be extremely hard to make the right nutrition choices, and I have to say, I’m pretty strict when it comes to a healthy diet. But just like any normal person, you have to give yourself a break at times, however, the hard part is knowing when not to overdo it. So, check out my top five ways on how to make better nutrition choices – especially when you’re constantly on the go!


  1. Pack your food! Just like I mentioned above, bring your fruit and vegetables along with you. Slice up apples or carry them whole or pack baby carrots into a small baggie. Sure, it may take extra time but it’s worth it. Also, have individual packets of almonds always in your purse – I can’t tell you how many times my almonds have saved the day!
  2. Drink water! Yes, you have heard it several times but are you actually doing it? If it’s hard for you to remember to drink water, set a timer on your phone for every hour to drink one glass of water. And if you think, “Darn. I”ll have to go to the bathroom too much.” Well, we can call it ‘Bathroom Cardio.’ You need to get up and move regardless, so let’s knock out two birds with one stone here. Plus, sometimes thirst is confused with hunger, so drink up!
  3. Stay away from the packaged foods! Yes, stay far away. OF course, sometimes it’s unavoidable but don’t reach for the dried fruit, the crackers and chips, the oh you catch my drift. Try to be as ‘fresh’ as possible. Packaged foods are packed (see what I did there) with additives, preservatives, added sugar and all sorts of ‘fun’ we don’t want in our bodies.
  4. Eat before you’re hungry! This may sound contradicting, but hear me out. Have you realized before that when you’re hungry, you reach for the sugar-filled items and bad foods? Well, that’s because your blood sugar levels are crashing and you need that instant gratification. If you eat something every 2-3 hours, you won’t get to that level of candy bar-grabbing hunger.
  5. Last but certainly not least, never grocery shop when you are hungry! Oh, this can be one of the worst things possible to do. I have made the worst choices when I have shopped on an empty stomach. Remember, your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you will make bad choices – and when chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets are staring you down in the checkout aisle, it’s every man for himself. Seriously, eat a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds if you’re hungry and taking a trip to the grocery store.

Mary Catherine Holcomb currently trains and teaches at Sweat Garage in West Hollywood, California, and even though fitness has become her full-time job, it still remains a full-time passion and she loves every minute of it.

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