A Note From Kate: Holidays In March


For me, March has always been synonymous with family. I love the tradition of celebrating Passover at the end of the month because it’s such a nice way to commemorate my Jewish grandmother who passed away. We just love to continue the beautiful traditions she instilled in our family.Then there’s always my dad’s birthday, which is on St Patrick’s Day. Because I grew up with all boys, March Madness was always really exciting for us – we’d treat it like the Super Bowl and go all out. And then, of course, there’s Easter which has always been one of my favorite holidays because of all the time we get to spend together as a family. Every year, we traditionally dye a bunch of eggs different colors, and always have a special gold egg. Shocker that the gold egg is always a hot commodity – the kids are always on the hunt for it since we fill it with cash. It’s usually only $10-$20 bucks, but since they’re all getting older, I think it’s time that we get a little more creative with the prize. Still, they absolutely love it!

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  • whisperinthewater
    March 11, 2014

    Kate, thank you for your blogs- love them! 
    I’ve heard you might be going through a rough time now, so I’m sending
    positive healing vibes your way. Patience, forgiveness & perseverance can
    do wonders! Much love to you and your entire family.
    p.s.- eh, Passover & Easter fall in late April not March this year 😉