Olympic Weight Lifting And the Skinny Girl


I never wanted to be a skinny girl.

I grew up in an environment where the more booty, the better. I’ve been doing sports since I was 6 and going to the gym since I was 15.  Growing up in LA and being inundated with so many body images (like every other girl in America), I wasn’t quite sure what my body was supposed to look like or WHAT it could look. This lasted about 15 years. Becoming super happy with my body by being able to sculpt it myself has been my proudest artistic moment. Having a body that you absolutely love really is priceless.

This week I power squatted 155 pounds. Man, that is HEAVY for me. That’s way heavier THAN me. I was pretty proud of myself. Then my husband said, “yeah you’re supposed to be able to squat double your body weight”. Wow, guess that’s next month’s goal 😉 I am a firm believer in self-empowerment via personal improvement and growth. And shouldn’t our best be continually getting better? If not, then what are we living for?

I went from not having the range of motion in my hips to do a proper barbell squat (of 45lbs) to lifting at least 100 pounds more than that within 2 months. Once the back of the body (posterior chain) fires correctly, there is no limit to how much weight we can bear. And this is why Olympians can lift so much weight. It’s all in the hips, yo.  After learning how to sculpt my body by lifting heavy and shredding the fat on top of the muscles, I obtained my ideal weight of 127 lbs at 5’4. In the past two months I’ve gained 2-3 pounds of lean muscle from heavy, proper squatting technique. So a skinny girl I am not. If anyone ever greets me and says “You look so skinny” it really is not a compliment. A lean, strong and business-minded woman I am.  Starting to learn about Olympic Weight Lifting has helped me see how far I can keep going. And that is so refreshing.

Mindy Berla currently specializes in nutritional weight loss, digestive issues, back and knee pain and teaches both prenatal and springboard Pilates. To stay fit, Mindy’s workouts consist of heavy and isolated strength and interval training, but she also enjoys running and practicing yoga a few times each month.

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  • SmilingSyl
    March 17, 2014

    Inspiring article. Thanks!