Easter eggs and a 10k with Full of Life Fitness


My Full of Life Fitness (FOLF) 10K team has been training for 3 weeks for the Mother’s Day 10K Run in Encino, CA.  Each week I provide this group of excited runners with a training schedule and tips/strategies for each one of them to finish the race with a smile on their face!  Our team meets in-person weekly for a group run and extra motivation, and our latest group run was a blast!


One of the local running stores, A Runners Circle (ARC) in Los Feliz, put on an Easter Egg Hunt Run that we decided to join for fun.  ARC hid Easter eggs throughout the 5-mile course for everyone to find and win prizes.  On top of that, Fabletics provided our FOLF 10K team with awesome water bottles and headbands.  The headbands were a hit right away for the guys on our team who sweat profusely while they run. No more beads of sweat descending upon their faces now!

Group 2

Everyone was eager to conquer the 5-mile course and find as many Easter eggs as they could.  One thing we all learned was that in order to be on the lookout for those brightly colored eggs, you had to run slowly and constantly turn your head around searching.  That was okay for this day, though, because this long run was meant to be an easy one.

Group FOLF

We had a handful of Easter egg hunt winners and everyone enjoyed this special holiday fun run!  Thanks to Fabletics for providing the much-needed headbands (aka sweat-catchers) and water bottles…they will definitely be used!


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