Fabletics joins Barre3 in Atlanta for their grand opening



Late the night before opening day of barre3 Atlanta – South Buckhead, I received a text message from Megan, a member of my team. My mind immediately went to logistics. Had she thought of a last minute, yet very important item we needed to pick up before the crack of dawn, like 9-volt batteries for our studio microphone?!

I opened the message to find a picture of Megan’s outfit for opening day. Neatly laid out were her Fabletics leggings, barre3 tank and her bright orange barre3 bracelet (identical to the one our entire team had been wearing for months). Her sense of pride in what we were about to share with Atlanta inspired me, and I carefully laid out my own Fabletics leggings, tanks and barre3 bracelet, and snapped a pic to send back. Caption: “Go Team barre3ATL.”


Several hours later, team barre3ATL was up before most of Atlanta in order to welcome our first group of clients for a 6:00 a.m. class. For a Monday morning before sunrise, the environment in the lobby of our studio was one of incredible energy and excitement! Twenty-four women had come out to take part in our first class. There were warm hellos and big hugs and kisses on cheeks as our team greeted clients, many of whom had already helped us build a studio community by attending the free classes we’d been holding in friends’ homes. Several women had partnered up with a friend or neighbor and all were so enthusiastic about the opportunity to exercise. This is an important aspect of the barre3 ecosystem: the connections we make in-studio.  As I took in the scene in our lobby, I realized we’d already created many deep connections, despite the fact that we’d been teaching our classes at kitchen counters instead of ballet barres.

Barre3 classes integrate Pilates, yoga and ballet barre based work into a 60-minute experience designed to transform the body to one of equal parts length, strength and flexibility. Along with connections and exercise, one additional element that helps to create the barre3 ecosystem is nourishment. We work in very dynamic yet low impact movement so clients leave feeling energized. It’s all about how they nourish themselves, both with what they take in to their bodies and how they care for their bodies.

Pilates balls

As a Fabletics Master, I was honored to have the brand’s partnership in gifting SWAG BAGS to our clients to thank them for being part of our opening day, and to encourage them to nourish. From water bottles to headbands, the goodies went a long way toward making clients feel nourished.


Nearly one month after opening, I love seeing clients come to class with their Fabletics water bottle, sporting their Fabletics headband. Together we are helping people exercise, connect and nourish their way toward a more balanced life.

Client bottle


Katie Schrier developed a new understanding of what it meant to initiate movement from within the body. She immediately began studying STOTT Pilates and started teaching reformer and chair classes. Soon after, she discovered barre3. The classes (a combination of yoga, Pilates, and ballet Barre work) took the mindfulness she loved about Pilates-based movement, but added fun music and a little extra muscle-shaking. Today, she owns a barre3 studio in South Buckhead, Atlanta, where her goal is to help make exercise accessible to all people.