Clean, Jerk and Snatch: a friendly CrossFit Competition


On Saturday April 12th our CrossFit Gym, CrossFit 70, was invited to participate in a friendly competition with St Peters CrossFit. We each had 7 teams of 2. The event started with the teams of 2 working to find their max Clean & Jerk and Snatch within a 12 minute time period. We went in 2 heats so teams could judge and cheer each other on. Teams worked to warm up and test their max lifts. It was exciting to watch and be a part of!

Court Lift

The Second workout gave us 10 minutes to complete as many rounds as we could of an ascending ladder of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats while the other teammate ran 200 meters with a wall ball and then did 5 wall balls. This one was a fury of activity! Everyone was constantly moving and pushing to get that next rep.


The Third workout was called a “chipper” – which is a longer workout that you chip away at. This one was 17 minutes and included some of the classic CrossFit moves like burpees, thrusters, kettlebell swings, and tire flips! There wasn’t a dull moment. Each team was cheering each other on. There was an atmosphere of team work and encouragement.


At the end of the day I was excited to be able to announce that everyone was receiving an awesome swag bag with a Fabletics water bottle and headband. While only 1 team won for the day everyone went home a winner with Fabletics Swag!


Courtney Norman began her health journey at 240lbs and lost nearly 30lbs by running and counting calories. Although running gave her a feeling of accomplishment, Courtney eventually got bored and tried a CrossFit class. She instantly fell in love with how strong and challenged she felt during and after each workout and opened CrossFit 70, a gym she co-owns with her husband in Wentzville, MO.