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Hi Fabletics readers! Michelle Weber here from Weber Ranch in Perrysburg, Ohio. A little about me and the many hats I wear each day: I am an adjunct instructor of art education at Bowling Green State University and I own Weber Ranch, a ranch specializing in pasture raised meats and eggs.

My husband and I are working towards becoming a full meat CSA.  CSA farms have always been around but a lot of people are unfamiliar. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a CSA program you can buy a share for 20-22 week season and every week have a variety of vegetables delivered to you fresh from the farm. For us we want to give our customers a variety of pasture based pork, beef, chicken and eggs that are free of hormones on a monthly basis.

Because of this new venture that my husband and I have started, I didn’t want to let go of my first passion for teaching. I wanted to find a way to blend my art educational background with the ins and outs of farm life. Here is where my educational program was born. I wanted to find a way to make healthy eating fun and a way to educate on healthy eating habits early in life.  Sadly a lot of kids think food just comes from the grocery store. They do not know the beginning stages how food is grown.

My program educates students not only about healthy eating choices but where our food comes from, who a farmer is and they roles they play. I am having so much fun learning the farming process myself as a first generation farmer that I know my students will too. I add art and movement into my program to make it fun and entertaining.

My first visit was to a kindergarten classroom in late March. We talked about where a vegetable and fruit start thru movement pretended to grow like seed would. As this age small quick activities keep them focused and they retain a lot when put into an arts context. The idea of pretending to grow like a seed and becoming bigger and bigger as you get water and sunlight sticks with them better than just looking at pictures.

We also identified and sorted fruits and vegetables. Students were able to identify the popular foods like apples, bananas, carrots and lettuce. However, they were puzzled an eggplant, mango and parsnip. After they drew their favorite fruit and vegetable.

We discussed the animals we have on the ranch too. Do you know why eggs are different colors? I have some funny and entertaining answers as to why from my kindergarten classes. Give up? Well it is the color of the hen’s skin and feet that tells what color egg it will lay!

Fabletics What Moves You Grant Winner

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