A Note From Kate: My Travel Essentials


When it comes to traveling, I’m all about comfort. It’s not easy to get off a red-eye feeling like a million bucks, so I always make it a point to bring along a few things that will make my trip more enjoyable, while keeping me as fresh and as comfortable as possible. I always pack a carry-on and fill it with my favorite things.

First and foremost, I never travel without Egyptian Magic. It’s an incredibly moisturizing balm that I buy at Whole Foods and slather all over my skin before, during, and after flying. It’s a lifesaver for my skin when I’m switching between different climates. Once I’m all settled in and we’re ready to take off, I kick off my shoes, wrap myself in an oversized scarf that doubles as a blanket, pull out my fuzzy socks (I’m obsessed – I have 2 drawers full of them!), and snuggle up against my oversized travel pillow.

Last, but not least, I always make sure that I’m wearing something personal when I’m traveling. Whether it’s my Jennifer Meyer necklace with my kids’ names on it, something my mom gave me, or something my grandma made me, having something close by from someone I love always puts a smile on my face.

3 Responses
  • jdovly
    July 16, 2014

    Kate talked about the Egyptian cream , socks, shaw, and travel pillow, but what is in the brown glass bottle with the dropper?

  • sistergirl
    January 6, 2015

    What is in the dark bottle, with the dropper?

  • CarrieJ
    April 30, 2016

    Maybe lavender to help her sleep on the plane?