Tone Up Tuesday: Long and Lean Legs


A dance-inspired sequence to sculpt long and lean legs for summer. Do this at home, at the gym or outdoors. You’ll need a chair or rail for support, as well as a yoga mat.

Tone Up Tuesday: Dance-inspired workout moves to sculpt long and lean legs. |Fabletics Blog

Squat and Reach: Start with your heels together, toes point out, right hand holds a rail or chair. Slide your left leg a few feet to the left and bend your knees to lower into a deep squat while left arm reaches overhead and to the side. Stand back up, slide your left foot toward your right heel. Lift up onto the balls of your feet, quickly lower. Complete all reps, 12 times, then switch sides.

Curtsy (photo 2 & 3): Begin with your feet hip-width apart, toes point out. Hold a chair or railing with your right arm, left arm at your side. Cross right leg behind you, bend both knees to curtsy. While crossing legs, reach your left arm up and over, reaching toward the right. Immediately after you will bring left elbow toward the right knee. Repeat this motion as quickly as you can, about 20 times. Switch sides and repeat 20 times.

Plie: Stand with your heels facing each other, toes point out, right hand holds a chair or bar, left hand on hip. You will Plie by bending your knees about 45 degrees. Lift your heels off the floor, be sure to squeeze the glutes, tilt pelvis forward and back. Lower heels and straighten out legs to complete 1 rep. Repeat 12 times.

Scissor Legs: Lie on your right side with right arm under your head, left hand on the floor, and legs in line with torso. Lift left leg about a couple of feet and hold while you lift right leg about 1 foot. Pause, then lower right leg, followed by left leg. Do this 12 times, then switch sides.

Repeat this entire sequence 2-4 times.

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