I think we can all agree that most brides-to-be embark on some kind of healthy eating plan in the months leading up to their big day. I don’t know about everyone else, but the second I got a rock on my finger, I knew I had to get two things in line before the planning begun: the first being a kick-ass meal plan, and the second being a results-oriented workout routine. I wasn’t necessarily looking to shed 20lbs, but I was looking to tone up, lean up, and feel my best. After a few weeks of research, I decided on Sunfare’s Signature Meal Plan and Pop Physique, a Barre-inspired workout.

I’ve tried a ton of crash diets in my life. Whether it was going completely gluten free, trying some crazy juice-only fad, or eating Paleo (and only Paleo) for a month…I’ve done it all, and while some  worked, in the end, I either got bored with the food, or the results just didn’t last. I knew that I needed something that fit in with my busy weekday schedule but still allowed me to eat the foods I couldn’t live without. And, that’s where Sunfare came in. After researching just about every meal plan on the market, I chose Sunfare because it seemed like the best option for me – not only were the meals fresh (they’re delivered to your front door every morning!), but the plan was affordable too. After a few emails back and forth, my counselor, Natalie, and I decided that their signature plan would be my best bet. The diet uses a “30/40/30” principle, meaning that for every meal and snack you eat, 30% of it will be lean protein, 40% will be whole wheat or low glycemic carbohydrate, and 30% will be heart healthy, monosaturated fats. Every day, the menu is different, and if you’re not feeling what’s on your plan for the day, there are hundreds of other options to choose from. The best part? Their dislike option eliminates all the things (garnish, veggies, sauces…whatever!) you don’t want near your food. Within days, my energy levels were up, my skin had a beautiful glow, and I felt better than ever, physically and mentally. For someone who has eyes bigger than her belly, having perfectly portioned out meals was ideal…and let’s be honest- there’s nothing easier than having three meals and two snacks delivered to your front door before you even roll out of bed. Overall, the plan worked wonders – I lost 12lbs, developed better eating habits, and learned the meaning of portion control. The only con? My now-husband wouldn’t let me do it forever.

Ah, Pop Physique…why do you hurt so good? In a nutshell, my new favorite class is a sweat pouring, heart pounding, knees buckling, kick your butt kind of workout. In my 27 years, I’ve done yoga, Pilates, spin, boxing, you name it…and this has hands-down been the most results-oriented, fast-acting workout I have ever subjected my ‘bod to. What is it, you ask? It’s a one hour barre-based studio class that combines strength work with stretches, planks, push-ups, weights, and lots of lower body work. Why I love it: the teachers are fun, the music is hip, and the classes are full of energy. Since starting Pop, I’ve noticed more defined arms (super important since my wedding dress was strapless!), a perkier butt (hello, Mexico honeymoon!), and some seriously cut abs. And, even after the wedding was over, I couldn’t bear to stop. To put it simply – I’ve never been more excited to rock the string bikinis buried at the bottom of my top drawer.