How to work your way into a handstand


Handstands are easily achievable with practice and patience.  With a few extra tips you’ll be able to work your way into handstand in no time.

Handstand series

Warm up:

Warm up your wrists by clasping your hands together and rotating them in circles.  Then bring your hands to the floor and put pressure on them as you rotate them back and forth.

Downward Dog:

This position is a great way to start.  Play around in downward dog by leaning forward, rising high onto your toes.  Lean back and forth and go side to side.

The Jump Off:

Lift one leg in the air and consider this leg your driving leg.  This leg is your power leg and will lift you into the air.  Think about driving that back foot to the wall facing your back.  You should do this move at least 10x’s on each leg.  Rest in between sets and stretch out your wrists.

The Wall Part 1:

A wall could be your best friend when you are trying to work your way into a handstand.  If you are afraid to kick up into handstand for the fear of falling over, use the wall as guidance.


The Wall Part 2:

Another great way to utilize the wall if you are afraid to kick up is to walk your feet as high as you can while facing the wall.  You don’t have to walk your feet all the way up your first try which is the great thing.  Handstands come with progressions and even just getting your feet a couple feet off the ground is a great start!  This is a great way to test your arm balance and strength.  When both feet are completely off the ground, hold for 15-30 seconds.

Walk your feet

The Kick Up:

Once you’ve mastered the wall, it’s time for you to run free and kick up into a handstand.

kick up

The Handstand:

Don’t be afraid to lean your shoulders over, push down into the ground with your palms and fingertips, pull your abs in for stability and GO FOR IT!


2 Responses
  • Genna
    April 17, 2014

    Love this! Time for my new challenge! Thanks Alyssa…

  • griselrodriguez21
    April 28, 2014

    Very good tips!! Been wanting to start doing hand stands and wasnt sure how to start and this is perfect. My goal is to do a one hand stand 🙂