4 Moves For Long and Lean Ballerina Legs


The great thing about barre workouts is that you can do it in the privacy of your own home, and with the right exercises, you can get a great workout. All you need is a chair to act as your barre!  Check out these four exercises that will lift tone and sculpt your legs in no time.

Parallel Plié: 
Equipment needed: bender ball, ballet barre (the back of a chair or a countertop can also be used)

Place the ball between your inner thighs. With your feet hip width apart and toes parallel, rise high onto the balls of your feet. Keeping the heels high and back completely straight, bend the knees for two counts down and come up for two counts without straightening the legs. Make sure to not lean on the barre and squeeze the bender ball using your inner thigh muscles. Do 32 8 counts for 3 sets.

What muscles this works: quads, calves, glutes, adductors

Leg shaping and toning exercise | Fabletics Blog

Plié jumps in second position:
Equipment needed: just you!

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly, and arms out to the side. Bend your knees and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Jump up off the ground and land softly onto your heels always landing in a plié. Keep your chest lifted without collapsing forward. Do as many as you can for 30 seconds; 3 sets.

What muscles it works: quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, abs, posture, balance.

Leg shaping and toning exercise | Fabletics Blog

Pelvic tilt, thread the needle:
What you need: carpeted area or a mat.

Lay on your back; bend your knees. Keeping your feet and knees hip width apart, roll your shoulder blades together and lift your pelvis off the floor. Lift the right leg up to the ceiling while keeping your pelvis off the floor, and raise your left heel. Lower the right leg down towards the floor, bend the knee and thread your right leg under the left leg. Bring the right leg back out and extend it parallel to the floor without touching the ground. Extend back up to the ceiling. That’s 1 rep. Do 32 8 counts, 3 sets on each leg.

What it works: hamstrings, glutes, quads, abs, lower back and balance.

Leg shaping and toning exercise | Fabletics Blog

Pointed Knee Press into Leg Extensions:
What you need: Mat and resistance band.

Start on all fours.  Place the band on your right foot.  Pulling the band to give it tension, drop your left forearm to the floor, keeping your right elbow up (palm pressing into the floor) and bring your right knee into your belly button, keeping your abs engaged; round the back.  Then extend the right leg directly behind you, stretching the band and your leg. Your working leg is externally rotated; make sure not to lean into your supporting hip. Do 32 8 counts, 3 sets on each leg.

Chelsea Hill created Fit Ballet Body, a ballet-based, low-impact, cardio workout inspired by her experiences as a dancer in the fitness world. She’s also certified in Schwinn Cycling, Metcon3, Stacked, Tread & Shread, and Barre Burn.

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  • Megan Elizabeth
    May 3, 2014

    Eewwww YES!!!! Didn’t try the leg tilt… Now we can thread both ends… Thanks Cindy great find lol

  • QT Fitness
    May 3, 2014

    This is a fabulous exercise- we do these in our barre classes 🙂