It’s so important to take skin care into consideration before, during, and after any type of workout to maintain a healthy (and pimple-free) complexion! While your body surely loves the sweat that comes complete with working out, it’s pretty likely that your skin does not. And, because Fabletics is all about staying fit and looking great, we’re here to help. Behold – the necessary steps to keep your skin flawless throughout your workout.


Face, neck, and back breakouts are a huge pain in the butt. Plus, the 3 only get worse when sweating is involved, which is why it’s so important to take your makeup off completely before hittin’ the gym; who wants mascara and eyeliner sweating down their face when they’re getting their downward dog on? Not us! We love Say Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glow Face Towelettes not only because they’re convenient (we use ours on the go!), but because they smell fantastic and they’re budget-friendly.


It’s key to make your wardrobe work for you when you’re working out. Always choose sweat-wicking clothing and underwear to prevent irritation; when your clothes irritate your skin, expect butt, back, and chest zits to start popping up. We love: Fabletics Norwalk Tank & Lima Capri.

Don’t Touch

Machines at the gym are DIRTY! Touching your face after using your favorite machine or weights will likely result in new breakouts and the spreading of existing ones. Case in point: always wipe down machines and clean your hands with antibacterial soap before and after touching them.

Keep Your Locks in Check

When you’re getting your sweat on, hair should always be off your face. Whether it’s pulled back in a sleek ponytail, braided in a chic up-do, or piled on top of your head in a messy bun, you don’t want your locks brushing along your forehead. If you can manage, leave the product out, too – if it drips onto the skin, it’ll most likely cause a breakout.

Don’t Stop There

Wash your face with a salicylic acid-based cleanser or wipes when you’re done working out. Doing so will wipe away nasty germs and pore-clogging oils, and prevents any breakouts. Plus, when you exercise, your skin loses its natural hydration, so using a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer will help it to retain the water it lost. If you’re a nighttime workout kinda-gal, we love Fresh Lotus Preserve Face Cream. If you opt for morning workouts, try Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF30. And, when you’re finished (if have the time), apply a gel-based masque to cool and calm the skin. We’re completely obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque.