Grant Winner Update: Optimistic Kids EnergiZing


[tps_header]Hi! I’m back with an update on what Optimistic Kids EnergiZing (OKEZ) has been up to. The kids have been busy keeping up with their nutrition/health goals, choosing healthier snacks and giving 100% when it comes to fitness. We have found that for the 5-10 year old age group, we definitely have to keep the fitness routines full of FUN or else they are not interested all. Good thing they have all fallen in love with EnergiZing routines from our Zumba instructor![/tps_header]

[tps_title] Fruit and Vegetable Garden[/tps_title]
FL_AmyMerritt_1200x1200OKEZ has been working with Master Gardener Tim with tools in hand to get our fruit and vegetable garden back in shape. It has been an awesome experience for the kids to be able to put in the hard work of preparing a garden and watching the different foods grow from seeds to edible produce. Strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, corn, peppers, cabbage, beans, and onions are just some of what’s planted in our garden. It will surely help motivate all of the kids to stick to their nutrition goals as they also learn how exciting it can be to grow their own food chemical free.