Grant Winner Update: Tiger Fit Club Runs A 5k


[tps_header]The Tiger Fit Club has been very busy! May 3rd was the big race day. Our small town hosted its first ever 5K race called the Dunnellon Jailbreak 5K. We were all very excited about it because of the fun race course that went around our school and through the woods. During the weeks prior to the race, we spent a great deal of time working on our running. We would run on the track with a different focus each week. We did intervals, practiced our breathing, sprints, endurance, etc. The girls also worked on a couch to 5K program at home as well. [/tps_header]

FL_ConstanceJune_700x700_03On race day we arrived early, in the middle of a heavy rain. My heart was heavy because I knew the girls had looked forward to this for so long. I shouldn’t have doubted their determination though because they still ran and had a blast even in the rain!

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