A Note from Kate: My Summer Beauty Rituals


Some people like to update their wardrobe each season, but I like to update my skincare and beauty routines to keep my skin healthy and glowing. It’s especially important during the summer when we spend so much time outdoors.

When temperatures start to soar, I immediately switch to lighter – and fewer – products to keep my skin looking fresh. When it’s hot, I don’t want layers of products coating my skin. A great way to simplify your skincare routine is to switch to multi-use products like coconut oil. I can’t live without coconut oil–it’s a superhero product you can use everywhere! I’ll slather it in on my skin, through my hair, pretty much anywhere it can go! I love coconut oil because it feels so much lighter than other oils or lotions, and it allows my skin to breathe, but still keeps it soft and moisturized.

Summer is the season to go au natural. There’s nothing better than a fresh face and tousled locks when you’re lying in the sun (wearing an SPF 30 sunscreen, of course)! In the summer, I go for light, dewy colors that are shimmery. The trick to my summer beauty routine is makeup with lighter textures, which won’t melt and will still stay in place, whether I’m on the beach or running errands with my kids. I always switch from powder blushes to cream-based ones or to cheek stains, and I like to swipe a lip gloss on my lips rather than a heavy lipstick.

What are your summer beauty tricks?

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2 Responses
  • Shelby Lynn
    June 26, 2014

    I definitely agree about the coconut oil. As a seasoned esthetician, I recommend it to all my clients, even acne-prone individuals, as a cleanser and moisturizer. It sounds counter-intuitive but makes sense when you take into account chemistry and how “like dissolves like”. Amazing stuff! And works better (and is usually much less expensive) than actual cleansers on the market. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a natural beauty such as Kate!

  • Janet Lea
    July 18, 2014

    Are all organic coconut oils the same? as for cooking or cosmetics? I’ve seen Organic coconut oil at Costco but I’m not sure I want to go home and slather that all over me. Can someone help answer?  Thanks!