Starting a Raw Diet


[tps_header]I chose to try the Raw Diet after hearing about it for months through friends and online. I searched high and low for the principals behind the diet, and slowly transitioned into it, opting for the Raw Vegan version. After a whole year on the diet, I noticed some amazing mind and body changes, which I’ll be sharing via this blog post.[/tps_header]

[tps_title] Raw Diet Life [/tps_title]
After removing everything that wasn’t raw from my kitchen (which basically left me with fresh fruits and veggies), I started realizing how difficult it was actually going to be. In the beginning, I made it simple for myself. My breakfast consisted of a fruit smoothie, lunch was usually a bag of baby carrots dipped into an avocado, and snacks would be raw bars and snacks found at Whole Foods. Dinner was a salad with raw veggies thrown into the mix. And, because I needed a daily energy boost, I pretty much lived off a Kombucha tea every morning.

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