Swim A Lap Day Pool Workout


Happy National Swim a Lap Day! Did you know that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to get in tip top shape, burn calories, increase flexibility, boost your metabolism and tone up? Well it is, and with this easy 20 minute lap workout you can burn off close to 300 calories. What are you waiting for, slip into your swim suit and get ready to make a splash!

Before you get started here are a few tips for each stroke:
Flutter Kicks: Place your arms over the kickboard. Push your legs behind you, bend your knees slightly and flex your feet so that your toes are pointed. Your goal is to stay relaxed, think about having floppy feet. Move your legs up and down no larger than the width of your hips. Stay focused on short and fast kicks for a better burn.
Freestyle: Keep your head down to allow your hips to flow to the top. Reach forward to the maximum length with each arm and pull. Turn to your side and take a breath about every 3 strokes. Once you get a breath of air, face down and release small bubbles through your mouth. Don’t forget to add those flutter kicks to help you have a smooth glide.
Backstroke Kicks: Place the board above your chest and give it a big hug. Lay on your back, point your toes forward and move your legs up and down. Create fast and short kicks no wider than your hips length. Keep your chin up, lay your head back and keep your gaze on the ceiling for a gentle ride.


Rosemary C.