The Hiking Essentials You’ll Need This Summer


[tps_header]Take your workout to new heights by breaking free of the elliptical and heading out for a fabulous hike. Exploring your surroundings and taking in amazing views is only part of the fun associated with hiking; it’s a great workout as well! Before you head out on your next adventure, stock up on these essentials to keep your hike comfortable and safe.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]A Comfy & Hardworking Outfit[/tps_title]
Being comfortable at the gym is a no-brainer, so why would you wear something uncomfortable when you’re outdoors? Fabletics outfits transition nicely from the treadmill to the local trail — with the added benefit of comfortable layers so you’re prepared for unexpected shifts in the weather. In addition to your favorite Leon tank and Lima Capri, toss a lightweight jacket or vest into your pack and you’re all set! Comfortable shoes and socks are also essential!

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  • mrnglrydgt
    July 20, 2014

    Can the food/recipe master please provide the recipe for the strawberry ice cream (photo)?  It looks really great and healthy 🙂

    Easton, PA