Have a Ball: Beach Volleyball-Inspired Workout!


[tps_header]The only thing better than going to the beach is getting a fun workout in at the same time! These moves combine high energy cardio with leg and arm toning to create the endurance, agility, and quickness needed on the court. Plus, you’ll get a great tan and whistle worthy results at the same time. Ready, set, go! Summer at the beach means sand, surf, sunscreen and volleyball![/tps_header]

[tps_title]Volleyball Burpee [/tps_title]
Beach Volleyball Workout Burpee | Fabletics Blog
Aside from a sun kissed tan, volleyball players are known for their lean and toned bodies. To target all the main muscle groups, try the Volleyball Burpee.

  • Begin in a plank position with both hands on the volleyball. After holding this position for 5 seconds, jump feet forward to your hands, and quickly stand up while raising the volleyball above your head.
  • Next, bring the volleyball back to the ground and hop your feet back out to the starting plank position (15 reps).

Beach Volleyball Workout Burpee | Fabletics Blog

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