Healthy 4th of July Recipes


[tps_title]Main Course: Juicy Turkey Burgers [/tps_title]

Ingredients (makes 4 burgers):
1 lb. of lean ground turkey
1 Egg white
½ tsp. Worcestershire or low sodium soy sauce
¼ cup chopped veggies of choice (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms)
½ – 1 tsp. of seasonings (garlic, pepper)

Burger Grilling Tips
-Adding egg and chopped veggies when forming the burger patty will keep it moist during grilling.
-Adding a liquid such as low sodium soy sauce or Worcestershire will also add flavor and moisture.
-Avoid salt, as it will dry the burger out.

Finally, be wary of pesky condiments! Ketchup, mayo and cheese can make for an unhealthy meal. Your best bet is to stick with mustard and veggies like tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles. If you miss the creaminess of cheese or mayo, add sliced avocado, which will also provide some healthy fat.