A Note From Kate: Hot High Intensity Workouts


Our August collection features a groovy, high impact lava print, so this month, we’re sharing some new high intensity workouts that will turn up the heat while helping you blast extra calories this summer.

This fast-paced workout features rowing and strength exercises done in 90 second intervals.  Expect a little of everything, from rowing races to bosu-ball jump squats as you rush from one workout station to another.

Orangetheory Fitness
There’s no motivation like seeing your workout stats (and everyone else’s) on a giant video screen as they happen.  Orangetheory sets you up with a heart rate monitor before the class starts, and your efforts are tracked as they unfold.  The workout itself is a mix of rowing and running, with the ultimate goal being to stay in the “orange” zone that represents 82% to 91% of your maximum heart rate for as long as possible.

The Refine Method
With the tagline “New York’s Smartest Workout,” it’s no wonder The Refine Method is constantly meeting with the top athletic trainers, coaches and scientists, utilizing their findings to create intense circuit-style workouts that get their clients lean, proportional and fit.  Former New York City Ballet dance Brynn Jinnett’s Metabolic Resistance Training mixes intense cardio with traditional strength training for a no-frills, fad-free workout.

One of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done was a very intense boxing class. Piloxing combines the power and speed of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. These classes provide a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout without the intimidation.

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7 Responses
  • whisperinthewater1
    August 12, 2014

    OMG, I am *so* addicted to OrangeTheory! It’s a lot more than running & rowing- there are also free weights / trx cables/ bosu / bodyweight intervals in there. Love it bc with the heartrate monitor I can go as intense or easy as I want- today I wanted easier so I tried to stay more in the green zone, or other days can go all out in the red zone. I’m one who usually prefers to workout by myself but have needed a little extra motivation lately & this is great. Plus I get to wear my Fabletics outfits- my capris in the new lava print are the cutest!

  • Kathy Orrico
    August 12, 2014

    Warning – don’t sign up for the “plan” they make it impossible to cancel. Kept me on the phone for 20 minutes and they will automatically charge your card.

  • Fabletics
    August 12, 2014

    Hi Kathy, you can review my response to your previous post here: http://on.fb.me/1lSKZc2. -Alexandra N.

  • Whitney Anne-Elise Trahin
    August 12, 2014

    These pieces are sold out. Wah wah.

  • Leslie Hunt Ambrose
    August 13, 2014

    this is cute! do the pants/shorts ride up? i’m talking squats, lifting, running…does it work if you’re moving a lot…or better for one type of workout over another?

  • Julianna Lacoste
    August 17, 2014

    I agree, extremely difficult to cancel.

  • Maile Tuttle
    August 17, 2014

    where can i find the leggings shes wearing?