Ever have the kind of day where you wake up late and get your bag caught in the door handle as you run out of the house – only to notice you spilled coffee on your clean, white shirt? Trust us, you’re not alone. Since even the smallest of inconveniences can slow down your day, we’ve found a few easy ways to simplify your life.

Change Time
Are you the friend that’s always late? If you or someone you know suffers from “always running late” syndrome, not to worry – there’s an easy cure! Set the clocks in your house and the one in your car 10 or more minutes ahead. If you are always scrambling to get places, doing this will assure you will never be late. Instead, you’ll arrive at your destination cool, calm, collected and on time!

Buy More than One
When it rains it pours-and most often when you don’t have an umbrella. Prepare and plan ahead of time by assessing the items you’ll need throughout your day. Buy doubles of essentials like Kleenex, lip balm, and gym shoes, and keep ‘em in your car. Do the same with snacks, and you’ll stay energized all day, every day.

Clothes Call
If you can’t find a look you love when you peek in your closet, seek some help. Stylists are not just for celebrities! They are extremely helpful in finding the right outfit for a hot date or rearranging your entire closet to help you find the right piece for your body type and personality. To put it simply, a stylist can save you the hassle of shopping for clothes you’ll never wear.

Get Ahead
You’re on track with your diet and you work out like nobody’s business. Yet every time you go out to eat, you get distracted by the decadent entrees on the menu. If you’re trying to be good or have food sensitivities, be sure to check out the restaurant’s menu online or call ahead. Knowing what you’re going to eat before you sit down at the table can help you feel less tempted and more in control of what you’re being served. Staying healthy shouldn’t be an annoyance.


Lisa Payne, Fabletics Master

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  • Christine
    August 5, 2014

    Good start and some good simple tips to change…