How to Celebrate Family Fun Month


One of my favorite things about summer is family time.  With the kids being out of school, our lives are a little less scheduled, and we have more time to enjoy together as a family.  Family Fun Month is a perfect excuse to plan a family adventure or go on an impromptu outing.

The warm weather lends itself to some great outdoor activities that you can do as a family to stay fit and active together.  We hold boogie board races in our pool, and we love to play tag with water balloons.  Whoever is the wettest at the end of the competition is the loser – and yes, there has to be a loser because not everyone wins!!  We also love having beach days where we body surf and toss around a football.  We pack healthy snacks like roasted seaweed snacks, kale chips, organic fruit and turkey wraps.

Another thing we do regularly as a family is have a movie night – we pick a movie to watch together and make popcorn.

One of our longtime summer family traditions is vacationing.  Our favorite locale is Mexico, but this year we’re going “glamping.” I’m really looking forward to being outdoors and going fly fishing, rafting and hiking. Camping is the perfect opportunity to get in some quality family time and to connect with each other without the distractions of iPhones and schedules.

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