On The Run: 4 Urban Running Tips


[tps_header]I can sum up the fundamental techniques of running in one very long statement: keep your head up, shoulders relaxed, core engaged, arms parallel to the ground, hands relaxed, take medium strides, and by all means, avoid the heel-toe foot strike. Today, let’s focus on running techniques in an urban environment to keep you motivated and on the right path. Below are techniques that’ll keep you motivated and ahead of the game:[/tps_header]


Instead of walking the dog, run! Even if it is just a block or two, everything counts.

Technique: The proper way to run with your dog is to keep him or her nestled close beside you. The last thing you want is to have your dog galloping out in front, dragging you behind. Once you set your pace and establish yourself as the pack leader, you can loosen the leash and your dog should follow nicely beside you.

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