Seasonal Recharge: Elimination Cleanses


For me, the change in seasons has always been the perfect time to refresh and recharge by cleansing. While most people associate cleansing with juice fasts, elimination cleanses actually allow you to eat and work by removing inflammatory foods from your diet.

When I cleanse, I tend to steer clear of butter, gluten, dairy, nitrates, caffeine and alcohol. There are many options out there – here are some resources for finding an elimination cleanse that works for you:

Dr. Frank Lipman is an authority on the subject, and his eating plan removes foods that cause inflammation in the body as well as foods that can cause the symptoms of chronic, low-grade sensitivities like fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain and brain fog. His website includes a clean eating check list, recipes and more.

The Wall Street Journal recently did an interesting article spotlighting elimination diets. It includes examples of people who have tried various elimination diets and details their results.

Precision Nutrition is a private nutrition coaching and research company that works with professional athletes and sports teams. The company offers resources ranging from personal nutrition coaching to books, and their website details the basics of embarking on an elimination diet.

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