BOSSLADIES: Celebrating American Business Women’s Day


[tps_header]To celebrate American Business Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting Fabletics Masters that own and run a business. These ladies do it all -they juggle family, friends, health, fitness, and of course, being a boss. They do it all with love, passion, and dedication, and lucky for us, they’re sharing their wisdom right here on the blog. Read on for major inspiration![/tps_header]

[tps_title]Adrianne Yurgosky[/tps_title]

I founded, run and teach at Westside Pilates on the upper west side of Manhattan. I strive to inspire people to live a strong, healthy lifestyle.

What’s a day in your life like?
Though my schedule varies, I’m usually up every day around 5:45AM. I quickly get ready, pack my lunch and grab a bag with my computer, notebook, spin shoes and an extra change of clothes before I head out the door. I then take a 40-minute walk to the studio where I teach a few days a week. Once I arrive, I unlock the doors, set up the studio, change into studio shoes, and enjoy a fast (but healthy) breakfast while chatting with my co-workers.

On an average day, I’ll teach until 12PM, but if I happen to have a cancellation or free hour, I’ll break for breakfast with a co-worker, fit in a quick run, or do some Pilates. At 1PM, I’ll head to SoulCycle on the Upper West Side (I try to get to spin class 2-3 times a week) where I spin for an hour. After class, I’ll head over to Hampton Chutney and order my favorite – grilled chicken with spinach, goat cheese, onions, and mango chutney.

After lunch, I head to my studio, where I prep for my afternoon clients by cleaning, doing the laundry, checking emails, and tackling my to-do list.

I typically have 1-2 clients in the afternoon and then 2-3 more in the evening. Admittedly, I don’t typically get a “formal” dinner…so, sometimes I’ll grab a protein bar or, if I’m lucky, a sweet client might bring me some food. After my last client, I’ll clean up the studio, set up for the next day, and lock up around 9PM.

My day doesn’t end once I’m home as I still have to shower, clean apartment, jump back on the computer to handle the accounting and financial side of my business, and answer any existing
emails/texts. Most nights I’m in bed by 11:30PM.

What are your goals?
One thing I’m actively working towards as I set my schedule for the fall is to find a little more work/life balance. I’ve found that even if I have a couple of free hours, I always have someone to chat with or something on my to-do list to complete. I am so grateful to have a support network around me. I love having my own business, being my own boss, and most importantly, being able to offer my clients a unique and personalized Pilates session. My clients are what make even the most hectic moments worth it, and owning my own studio has been a dream come true.

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