BOSSLADIES: Celebrating American Business Women’s Day


[tps_title]Angie Miller[/tps_title]

My business, Angie Miller Fitness, Inc., is dynamic and ever evolving. My mission is to educate, empower, and motivate others to get fit, be well, and live a healthy, balanced life. I blend my skills and training as a counselor, fitness professional, and educator, and I reach people of all ages in the classroom, fitness room, and even in their living room.

As a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, I love motivating people through exercise and helping them to achieve body confidence that transfers into every area of their life. This passion inspired me to produce home exercise workouts so that I could extend my reach, especially to those who don’t feel comfortable in a gym setting.

What’s a day in your life like?
Every day is different for me, and that’s what I love most. Some days I teach two or three morning fitness classes. After classes, I work from my home office, prep for my college classes, or work on an article. Other days, I spend the day at the university and teach courses such as Personal Fitness, Methods of Group Exercise, and Stress Management. Sometimes, I teach training to fitness professionals. No matter where I am, I am forever inspired by those I am blessed to share my passion, energy, and love for fitness and education.

What keeps you motivated?
I value people, and my mission is to maximize their potential. What connects individuals of all ages is that we all want to feel valued and appreciated, and we thrive when we can learn and share together. If one person goes home feeling better, smarter, happier, and more fulfilled, I have done my job and my business is successful.

What advice do you have for others who want to start a business?
If I had one bit of advice for someone who wants to start his or her own business, I would say to do something that speaks to what you stand for, and helps you to express the best of who you are.

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