A Move for your Booty & Beyond


[tps_header]Good news, ladies! Your Gluteus Maximus (aka: your booty) is the biggest and strongest muscle in your body. We use it for everything from walking, to running, to squatting to lunging. The Medial Glute however, is a little harder to target. Sitting higher on the booty, the Medial Glute (or Gluteus Medius) works along with the Maximus to abduct the thigh, pulling it away from the midline. This simple exercise is done without added weight, but don’t be fooled, you should feel it fast. Be sure to work with a big range of motion! [/tps_header]

1 – Start on all fours with one leg long and flex the foot. Make sure to engage your core.

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Thanks for the anatomy lesson and such a great exercise for tightening those glutes.